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Call Us                            Hours
                                        902.468.1995                     Mon - Fri: 7am to 5pm
                                 Sat: 7am to 1pm | Sun: Closed

                                                    You have a passion for your business -
                                                    work with someone who shares your passion.
                                                    ·Who understands you have unique needs.
                                                         ·Who will seek to understand your business.
                                                             ·Who wants to listen and guide; not tell.
                                                                         ·Who will help you succeed.
                                                    Trimar Accounting offers a complete financial
      Available Online at                           program to suit your business needs.
                                                    Our model is one of time-shared services where you, as                       the client, get the amount of time and resources you need
                                                    for your daily, weekly and annual operations from a
                                                    partner who understands the pressures you face and is
      Delivered direct by Canada Post               available to help you sleep at night.
                                                                             Call to set up a time
                                                                         to talk about your needs.
      Also available for pickup at the                                   902-468-2508
      following locations in Burnside:

      • Bank of Montreal (111 Ilsley Ave)
      • Jiffy Lube (30 Kiltearn Row)
      • Old Port Pub (900 Windmill Rd)                        Darren Doucette
      • Parkside Pub (14 Highfield Park Dr)             BASEBALL ACADEMY

      • Royal Bank of Canada (202 Brownlow Ave)
      • Scotiabank (109 Ilisley Ave)
      • Seamus David’s Pub (21 Logiealmond Cl)

      • TD Bank (90 Gale Terrace)
      • Trimar Promotional Products (10 Akerly Blvd)

                                                     BASEBALL SKILL DEVELOPMENT
                  Contact us for more
          information about booking ads:                THROUGHOUT THE YEAR!
                                                             Check Our Website for Details


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