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                                          Greater Burnside Business Association
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               Professionals at your service


                                                    The “Just About Everything” Store
                  Interiors and Exteriors
                       Spraying                                  GREAT PRICES ON:
               Residential and Commercial               clothes | toys | giftware | kitchenware
                  Insured & Guaranteed                  food | stationery | mobile | seasonal
                                                           nautical | souvenirs | and more!
             Bathroom, Kitchen & Basement Renewals
                                                       BEST SHOPPING DESTINATION
              Deck Renovations & Exterior Additions
                     please contact Jeanine for a free estimate
                                       902.401.4112        211 John Savage Ave.

         Our lasers are capable of cutting through various

         metals of all shapes and sizes. We offer one of the

         largest, most powerful lasers in Atlantic Canada.

         Faster, more accurate than plasma or torch cutting,
         and more cost-efficient.

                          Maritime Laser Cutting Ltd.


                          902.883.9858                                           Follow us on

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