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Serving Commercial Fleets Since 1987

        Your sales and service fleet vehicles are critical to your organization's success – and Mighty
        Auto can help ensure they operate at peak efficiency.
        Every breakdown, repair and routine maintenance takes your valuable assets off the road.  The
        sooner your drivers and vehicles can get back up and running, the better.
        When you need to minimize costs and maximize productivity – we've got you covered on and
        off the road.
        Vehicle maintenance is one of the largest expenses facing every fleet.  It takes a lot of effort to
        manage, both at the office and on the road.

        With hundreds of tasks necessary to keep vehicles on the road, employees productive and costs
        under control, the danger of details being missed is a real one.  With Mighty Auto as a partner,
        you can rely on us to efficiently handle the day to day challenges of fleet maintenance and
        No matter what type of business, if your company revolves around having reliable
        transportation then you know how important regular fleet maintenance is.  Properly maintained
        fleets run more smoothly, have fewer failures, are cheaper on gas and better for the
        Mighty Auto offers:
        •       Highly trained, experienced personnel
        •       High tech shop equipment
        •       Four locations and 30 service bays
        •       Warranty approved service
        •       Original Equipment Manufacturer maintenance scheduling
        •       Enhanced parts availability and pricing
        •       Flexible scheduling
        •       Quicker repair turnaround
        We are a group of full-service automotive repair shops, performing everything from routine
        maintenance to complicated engine repairs as well as emergency on site repairs for fleet and
        privately owned vehicles.
        Mighty Auto is proud to be a preferred service provider for:

        Mighty Auto Fleet Centre  Mighty Auto Halifax  Mighty Auto Bedford  Mighty Auto Cole Harbour
        76 Ilsley Ave          6437 Lady Hammond Rd  1683 Bedford Hwy    1108 Cole Harbour Rd.
        Dartmouth, NS B3B 1L3  Halifax, NS B3K 2S4  Bedford, NS B4A 1G1  Dartmouth, NS B2V 1E7
        (902) 468-1567         (902) 453-1899       (902) 835-8405       (902) 435-0720

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