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Business-to-Business Advertising
                                            Reaching Burnside & the Greater Dartmouth Area

                                                902.456.3268   |

                                Manufactured Locally

                                                     S E L F - S T O R A G E
                                                     S E L F - S T O R A G E
        We know you have a   DIABETES
         busy life, so don't let   PLANTAR FACIITIS   Seeing clients
         anything slow you   ACHILLES    at the     •  Units 50 sq. ft. to 250 sq. ft.
       down, let us help. Your    TENDONITIS   Physiolink   •  24/7 security cameras
         feet will thank you.  SHIN SPLINTS
                          SPORTS INJURIES
                                                    •  CARD-KEY access with automatic
             "We Care About the Feet You're In"         gate opener
                                                    •  RV/BOAT storage (yard parking)

                                                            Ask us about our
          David Sinclair, Licensed Denturist
                                                     FREE Truck & Trailer offer!
              Complete & Partial Dentures
                   Repairs  -  Relines                 Located in the EASTERN SHORE BUSINESS PARK,
                New Patients Welcome                         5 Colford Drive, East Chezzetcook

        49 Bell Street                                      902-827-2100
        Lake Echo         DENTIST SOCIETY OF NOVA SCOTIA  902-829-3964

                                                          Musquodoboit Harbour & District Lions Club
                                                                     PO Box 225,
                                                                 Musqudoboboit Harbour, NS
                            Deanna Parks              Lions meet every 2nd and 4th Monday at 7:00 pm of each month.
                                REALTOR®              If you would like to come and see what Lions are all about please
                                                         contact us and we will be sure to have you come visit us.
                                                     September 8th:
                          Your local Sheet Harbour and    50 Mile Yard Sale. Lions will be setting up at the
                       Surrounding areas Sales Representative
                                                     Community Centre in Musquodoboit Harbour. Doors open
                 at 7 am. If you would like to rent a table for the day or
                                                     weekend please contact Lion Ken at 902-889-3160
       DUMP TRAILER FOR HIRE                         September 29th:

            Professional Licensed Driver. Fully Insured.   Our fabulous Lions Breakfasts are back! Come join us on
                                                     September 29th for a new year. Doors open from
                                                     7:30-10:00 am. We’ll be serving up eggs, ham, sausage,
                                                     pancakes, and hashbrowns. Something for everyone!

                                                              For Community Centre Rental
                                                          please contact Lion Robin at 902-889-2725.
                                                      Community Assistance Program - If you, or a family you know,
                                                     are coming upon difficult times this winter due to illness, or job
                                                       loss, please contact the Lions Club at (902) 889-2725 and
        902-891-0547                        leave a message.
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