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No leaves on the trees, Good for GPS/Wood
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        Every home needs FRESH AIR. By using a Venmar Air Exchanger you can bring in fresh air and remove excess humidity and
        pollutants in the air from your home. If you have condensation on your windows, stale, dead air or lingering smells it should
        be addressed. Mould can accumulate quickly and is harmful to your families health.
        If you have an older home and don't have an air exchanger we do retrofits and can install an appropriately sized system for
        your home to give you fresh air. If you have an air exchanger it should be serviced regularly to ensure efficiency.

                                                         CONSTRUCTION LTD.

                                                        •  NEW HOME CONSTRUCTION
                                                        •  EXCAVATION (WELLS, SEPTIC, ROCK WALLS)
                                                        •  LOTS AVAILABLE AT HESELTON HEIGHTS
                                                          FOR MORE INFORMATION, CALL BILL


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