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Acupuncture | Massage Therapy | Reflexology
                                                 902-827-2927            Find us on Facebook
                                                 22 Marjorie Drive, West Porters Lake

                   C C C C                              (902) 430-3715
                   Corey Ackerorey Ackerorey Ackerorey Ackerorey Acker
                   Owner/Journeyman Electricianyman Electricianyman Electricianyman Electrician
                   Owner/Journe                                     28 Carter Road, Porters Lake
                   Owner/Journeyman Electrician
                                                                             Free Estimates
                                                                                   23 years
                                                             P.T.P.               experience

                                                             Roofing and              Specializing in:
                                                           Carpentry Services   New and Existing Roofs
                                                                                      Roof Repairs
                                                                                  Small Out Buildings
                                                          Serving the Eastern Shore from  Flooring
                                                          Ship Harbour to Lake Echo     and more
                                                    Call Pierre Doyle at 902-830-5928

                                     Take ADVANTAGE of our
                                     FREE in home water test today!

         WATER  TREATMENT  WATER TREATMENT LTD.  Honest & Reliable Service

                                     for over 23 years.

             We specialize in:
             • Certifi ed water testing

             • Service, repairs and new installations
             • Custom designed systems
             • Supply UV lamps & fi lters

             • Cash and Carry products available
                                                          Offi ce: 902-827-2292
               for independent workers.
              Guaranteed Workmanship. Financing
                     Available.Ask for Brian!   

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