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FALL 2017

                                      Bioenergetic Movement Groups             902-845-2254
                                                                              See website for details:
                                    Group Process Weekend Workshops

                  Acupuncture | Cupping | Counselling Therapy| Reiki

        902-827-2927                 Only 15 min from Forest Hills Parkway!                        We Offer Direct Billing
        Find us on Facebook          22 Marjorie Drive, West Porters Lake

                                                                             Free Estimates

                                                                                   21 years
                                                              P.T.P.              experience

                                                             Roofing and              Specializing in:
                                                           Carpentry Services   New and Existing Roofs
                                                                                      Roof Repairs
                                                                                  Small Out Buildings
                                                          Serving the Eastern Shore from  Flooring
                                                          Ship Harbour to Lake Echo     and more
                                                    Call Pierre Doyle at 902-830-5928

                                      Take ADVANTAGE of our
                                      FREE in home water test today!

         WATER  TREATMENT  WATER TREATMENT LTD.  Honest & Reliable Service

                                      for over 23 years.

              We specialize in:
              • Certifi ed water testing

              • Service, repairs and new installations
              • Custom designed systems
              • Supply UV lamps & fi lters

              • Cash and Carry products available
                                                          Offi ce: 902-827-2292
                for independent workers.
               Guaranteed Workmanship. Financing
                     Available.Ask for Brian!   

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